Founded in 1961 F.lli Fragola S.p.a. with its specialized expertise, is one of the most highly recognized mechanical manufacturers in the animal feed, pet-food, chemical, mineral and food sectors. It is known for the high technological and operational quality of its machinery.

Its manufacturing plant, located in S. Maria degli Angeli (Assisi), occupies an area of 60,000 m², of which 10,000 m² are covered. It employs 95 people, of whom 25 are design and production technicians.




The dynamic design skills of the technical division enable the company to tackle and solve numerous problems connected with storage, batching, grinding, mixing, sanification, pelleting system, mechanical and pneumatic transfer, etc., of various granular and powdered materials. All of the needs of each client are carefully analysed to develop a specific and particular design and to create an end product that fully meets the initial expectations.



Among its various operational options, F.lli Fragola S.p.a. has specialized specifically in the design and manufacture of complete turnkey plants, in particular:

  • Feed Production Plants
  • Vitamin Supplement And Premix Plants
  • Pet Food Production Plants
  • Chemical Plants

Company Policy

Quality, environment and safety policy

Quality, environment and safety policy

It is the conviction of the F.LLI FRAGOLA Company that the success of a business is based on the high quality of its products and therefore satisfaction of the customer. Hence, in our technical studies every day we are working to increase the working and functioning of our machinery and manufacturing plants to rework them whenever the circumstances require in order to meet the needs of our customers, not considering them as buyers but as travelling companions in our mutual search for improvement and success.

In our factory and in all of our offices, the collective effort always tends toward improving the internal organization, of the research, analysis and production processes. For this to happen our secret recipe is to promote the right interactions between all people of the company, consisting of individual responsibility and collaboration.


In recent years F.lli Fragola S.p.a. has consolidated and improved its organizational structure, adopting an Integrated Quality/Environment/Safety Management System. The current growth and organization level of the company has been pursued and achieved with the obtainment of the following certifications:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System (May 2005).
  • UNI EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System (December 2005).
  • UNI EN 1090- Manufacturing of structural steel components.